Fountains and Fireworks

The past few weeks have been generally our most normal yet. My fellowship officially began in October, so I’m starting to have regular events and meals with other fellows from around the world. The girls’ schools have become more routine, as the language has become less of a barrier and more of an ongoing project. Anya’s cast came off, so she’s working toward full motion with bi-weekly PT visits, and thankfully can start playing violin again. Walter has been having some difficult times, but that’s a story for Ruth to tell. And Ruth’s jobs, both back at Middlebury and at home, keep her pulled in multiple directions as always.

We have had fun excursions recently, with two weekends exploring our region of central Germany. Over the last weekend in September, Greta & I took a Dad & Daughter trip to Hannover, spending the night with our friends Shane, Karin & Ari, as we both explored the city more than our last visit, and attended the final night of the International Fireworks Competition at the gorgeous Herrenhausen Gärten to see the winning performance from the Mexican team – I’m a big fireworks fan, and these were the best I’ve ever seen! Here’s a montage of video that I took from the show:

Then the first weekend in October, the whole family went to the nearby city of Kassel, meeting up with another set of new friends, Daniel & Connie, to explore the fountains at Wilhelmshöhe Castle. Instead of writing up all the details of these trips, here’s a gallery of our adventures (click for close-ups):

We’re prepping for our first big trip next week – with the kids on school holiday for two weeks, we’re heading south to Vienna, Salzburg, and Legoland. Fingers crossed for good weather & smooth travels!

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