This is the blog for the Hardy-Mittell family’s year in Göttingen, Germany from August 2011 – June 2012. We’ll be posting about our experiences for friends, family or strangers to read about.


4 Responses to About

  1. Kathrin says:

    Hello to you fünf from us fünf…… not that I know you but about as much time as your husband spends writing his blog, my husband spends reading it….. (working for German Television ( and transmedia stuff) he is more than interested in anything your husband has to say….. so somehow I have spent some time with one part of your family! We live in the South of Germany, in the beautiful Schwarzwald. And we also have 3 children…2, 5, and 7 years old. Well, the five-year old is still four but has a birthday coming up this month. ….o.k. now I have been distracted by a fight of the two boys over a package of oreo cookies (yes they have arrived in Germany)…. so I’ll stop here. If you have any questions regarding life in Germany feel free to ask…
    Welcome to Germany! Kathrin

  2. ruthhardy says:

    Your life sounds like mine. It’s nice to hear from the spouse of someone who is the victim of my husband’s blogging :). We must have a lot in common! If we make it down your way, perhaps our kids can share some oreos with yours.
    Schöne Grüße!

    • Hello again!
      Oreo sharing sounds like fun and somehow I’m sure we’d have a lot to talk about….of course the Schwarzwald has a lot more to offer! Since we have children we have been discovering the nicest places (outside the kids are always so nice and peaceful ; ) ). This summer sucks a little weatherwise, though, that is too bad!
      And again I’m distracted…this time little Kian really really wants to play with me! Next time I’ll write in the middle of the night…..
      Schöne Grüße auch an Dich!

      I’d like to tell you more but I don’t really like everybody reading it….. any suggestions?

  3. Kathrin says:

    ….oh that wasn’t really the plan! I wanted to write my own blog a while ago but never actually wrote much…. so just ignore my blog!

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